The lab is located in the University of Utah Research Park.

421 Wakara Way, Suite 140,
Salt Lake City, Utah

801.581.4080     FAX 801.581.4297          

Karen Eilbeck, PhD
Associate Professor of Biomedical Informatics
Adjunct in Human Genetics



Phone: 801 585 9934

twitter: @karen.eilbeck

instagram: keilbeck

google scholar: 


Michael Watkins

PhD student starting fall 2017

Amber Kiser

PhD student started Spring 2019

Evan Christianson

MS student focus Sequence Annotation Data Standards. Started fall 2020

 Past Members

Shawn Rynearson
Scientific Programmer

Shawn works for the Utah Genome Project, and he is a member of the ClinGen Datamodel working group and the GA4GH variant model group.


Nicole Ruiz

PhD Graduate Student – NLM

Nicole is interested in genomic variant annotation.

Truc Thuy Vuong

MS Graduate Student

University of Indian PhD program

Amy Sheide

Graduate Student

works at 3M

Jason Singer PhD

Works at ARUP

Michael Sinclair PhD

NLM Post Doctoral Fellow

Moved the the University of Maryland 

 Alex Henrie

Graduated Masters Student – graduated with Masters, titled:

A versatile data query tool for the ClinVar database. Alex now works in the lab as a developer.

Nick Consiglio

Works at Myriad Genetics

 Keith Simmon PhD

Graduated PhD Student – Pathology fellowship, and recipient of the Richard A. and Carol M. Fay Endowed Graduate Fellowship. Keith was part of the Taxonomer project for metagenomic analysis. Keith currently works for ARUP.

Shale Dames PhD
Shale graduated with a PhD, titled:

Development of a Clinical Next generation Sequencing Assay for Mitochondrial Disorders. Shale currently works at ARUP.

Barry Moore
Senior Research Specialist/ Director of genomic analysis for Utah Genome Project.

Phone: 801 585 3543

Lila Mullany

Masters student graduated with a Masters titled:

Investigation of The Effectiveness and Usability of Bioinformatics Tools Utilized in The Analysis of miRNAs Within Colorectal Cancer Biological Pathways

Lila is working for the Department of Epidemiology.

 Alex Macharia 

Masters student – graduated with Masters titled: Visualizing conflicting data in ClinVar. Alex works at

Paris Vail

Graduated with Thesis Masters degree titled:

Development and validation of a linkage analysis program to analyze small, single-variant pedigrees for use in clinical variant classification.

Guozhen (Ginger) Fan

Research Assistant


MeiYee Law PhD
Post Doc now at Jax